Interactive web pages are those that take input from a user and deliver results based on the input. The input can be your location, data entered using a keyboard, or a mouse click, among others. Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) refers to a group of web development techniques that are used in creating interactive web applications.

The advancements in media and technology have sparked improvements in the way Rich Internet Applications are developed. RIA applications perform better than static web applications that have limited interactivity and slow processing.

Why You Need an Ajax-JQuery Application

A RIA is the perfect way to enhance your online presence. Here are some of the advantages that our clients get from using RIA applications.

  • It gives a user exactly what he or she wants
  • Provides consistent results
  • Runs faster than static websites
  • Lightweight
  • Cross-browser compatibility

Features of JQuery/Ajax

Ajax and JQuery allow for development of applications with rich user-interfaces which allow visitors to see only what they need. Our JQuery/Ajax developers leave nothing to chance when it comes to development of RIA applications. We develop highly-functional applications that bring efficiency to your business. Integral features that you will get with Ajax/JQuery include

  • DOM traversal and modification
  • CSS manipulation
  • Events
  • Extensibility
  • DOM element selection and functions
  • Effects and animations

We combine JQuery/Ajax with our Microsoft development services to create powerful highly interactive applications that provide multiple functions.

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