Aavitech Solutions is at the forefront of developing world-class mobile applications for Windows Phone, Android, and iPhone. Applications that work across these devices are known as cross-platforms web apps. Our cross-platform app development solutions entail designing and creating highly-responsive applications that have intuitive user-interfaces and performs to the highest standards on any mobile device.

We use different development platforms deepening on consumer needs. The most dominant platform that we use is PhoneGap. App design is one of the key factors of cross-platform app development. We do not fancy generic interfaces –we like our clients apps to be unique from each other, even if some features are alike. Our experienced designers do a great job on this front. They are the reason why our clients wear that smile every time they open our apps, even before testing their functionality.

Why create a cross-platform app?

  • Cross-platform applications run on all devices irrespective of their operating system. You can easily substitute your Android, iOS, and Windows app for a single cross-platform application.
  • Helps reduce the time and money invested in mobile apps.
  • Easy to update compared to having different native apps
  • There is uniformity in functions, features, and appearance across all platforms.

Services we provide in cross-platform app development

  • We develop applications that are compatible to all screen sizes
  • App integration with social media and GPS
  • Thorough app testing on various platforms
  • App design and development through modern programming technologies

The developers at Aavitech Solutions will help you build a great cross-platform app using the latest technology. Get in touch today.