Zen cart is an impressive open source e-commerce platform that gives you all the tools you need to set up, manage and maintain an online shop. Zen Cart is especially created to help users customize an already working platform to attain a unique online store without having to worry about the basics of displaying and selling goods online. With the backing of a highly motivated community of shop owners, designers and programmers, you can rest assured that Zen Cart will always have a first hand solution to all the evolving e-commerce problems and technologies.

Zen Cart dates back to 2003 when it branched off osCommerce to establish itself as an open source eCommerce tool distributed under the GNU General Public License. This not only makes it a cheaper solution but also ensures that you can tap into thousands of open source templates and modules to add functionality to your eCommerce website. Our web developers understand the core Zen Cart framework and will always help you deploy the fastest online shop that will goes life within a short time.

With our developers you will enjoy

  • Custom made payment processing modules and options
  • Seamless support for multiple languages and currencies to cater for international customers
  • Secured check-out and billing modules that will guarantee your customer's data security
  • A wide range of SEO and social marketing tools that will help you put your store on the map from the word go.

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