Any reliable piece of software must go through a robust software development cycle. At Aavitech Solutions, we believe in strict adherence to the conventional software development phases. To us, every good software has a firm rooting in the six main software development phases: requirement analysis, design, documentation, implementation, testing and maintenance.

By adhering to the general software development life cycle, we guarantee you, the client, of the most relevant, versatile and adaptable software solution ever. Our strengths as software developers lies in adapting each software development phase to fit your software's specific requirements. We focus on:

  • A rigorous requirement analysis to ensure that we capture all your requirements, limitations and expectations.
  • Unique and impressive design solutions that yield light and attractive applications that guarantee you of the best user experience (UX).
  • Comprehensive documentation to facilitate user and employee training or future maintenance and integration.
  • Foolproof testing and verification that captures most of the bugs and ambiguities before deployment.
  • Scheduled and on demand maintenance to ensure that the software remains relevant and useful in the modern day dynamic market.

An adaptive methodology that always delivers

Even though the general software development cycle is quite relevant to virtually all project, we understand that some complex and original problems require an equally creative and original approach. Our perfect understanding of the wide variety of frameworks and programing paradigms will not only let us choose the best solution to the problem but also give us the power to explain the preferred course of action.

A custom-made solution for every custom requirement

Every e-commerce, CRM application or desktop application is and should be different from its generic off-the-shelf counterparts. At Aavitech Solutions, we believe in custom fitting everything, be it the employee sorting algorithm in your CRM application or the shopping cart in your e-commerce website, to accommodate all your employees and customer's expectations.

Our skill, flexibility and diligence combined with a perfect understanding of practical system development methodologies is key to our success in this field.

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