In this decade where we have witnessed dramatic improvements in various aspects of display technology, software tools that are interactive and easy to use have become popular. They are popular because they interactive user interfaces that require less human intervention to perform more work and thus increase productivity.

HMI is undoubtedly a product differentiator that, if done appropriately, lets users access all the features of a robust product. Building user interfaces for devices with custom-made processors and operating systems requires a high level of skill and precision. These are the kind of products that HMI developers deal with on a daily basis.

Aavitech Solutions focusses on advanced HMI development for embedded devices. Our engineers are capable of designing intuitive, reliable, efficient, intelligent, and user-friendly HMI's to enhance display in mobile devices, household appliances, industrial machines, and entertainment gadgets. We use high-level graphical tools to create cohesive interfaces that provide an easy way to trigger every function of the device.

Our designers draw quality unique designs using a combination of high-level HMI design tools for custom development purposes. We follow a strict full-cycle development process from creation of ideas to prototypes and testing –we do not leave out any single step. Our expertise in display control assures our clients of innovative ways of interacting with embedded systems.

What you get with our HMI development services

With Aavitech Solutions HMI development services, you experience a unique approach to UI development that focusses on productivity, expertise and user experience. Expect

  • Short and clear human-interaction loops for enhanced user experience
  • Modular, scalable, optimized, and efficient HMI systems
  • Creative screen and user interface designs
  • Diverse engineering and software development skills
  • Industry-accepted techniques for design and creation of HMI for embedded systems
  • Over 7 years of experience in developing interactive systems for different companies

Our HMI Development Process

Aavitech Solutions follows a comprehensive development process that entails creating concepts, defining user requirements, creating prototypes, implementation of HMI frameworks and integrating other externally designed HMI interfaces.

All our services are built with the user in mind. From the initial design to testing, we want users to find it easy and efficient to use our HMI designs. Besides, all our software meet safety requirements for OEM products.

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