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E-commerce Development

Elevate your e-commerce business to thrive amidst market disruptions with our tailor-made e-commerce development solutions. Aavitech brings a wealth of expertise in crafting adaptable and resilient e-commerce platforms.

Our seasoned professionals analyze your business processes and provide scalable e-commerce solutions that can adapt to evolving technology and industry trends. Partner with a leading e-commerce development company to harness the rapid growth in the industry. Our primary objective is to create cutting-edge online stores for e-commerce businesses. Using an agile methodology, our proficient e-commerce developers construct scalable and future-ready online platforms enriched with advanced technology.

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aavitech service aavitech service
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E-commerce Development Services

aavitech solutions ecommerce service
aavitech solutions ecommerce service
aavitech solutions ecommerce service

UI/UX Design

Shape your e-commerce business with captivating and interactive designs that engage and entice customers, encouraging frequent visits and purchases. Our customized UI/UX design development service incorporates trending graphics, animations, and innovative layouts to deliver an unparalleled user experience.


Online Stores

With our advanced e-commerce development service, we ensure a seamless and device-agnostic online shopping experience for customers. Our adept design and development teams excel at delivering customized solutions to efficiently handle complex project requirements, enhancing the overall user experience.


B2B Portals

Our Ecommerce software development team designs multi-vendor solutions which bring together functions of suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, and retailers. It makes operations simpler including activities like global trade management, personalized cataloges, and wholesale prices.



Leveraging our expertise in building multi-vendor marketplaces, we create comprehensive platforms that seamlessly connect vendors and customers. Our custom solutions offer a range of features for easy vendor setup, secure transactions, and efficient inventory management. We are dedicated to delivering excellence, regardless of project size or complexity.


E-commerce Consulting

Harness customer interactions, purchase trends, and historical data to gain valuable insights. Our e-commerce consulting services identify challenges, investigate root causes, and provide effective solutions for rapid progress. Whether focusing on customer experience, data analytics, or business workflows, we deliver comprehensive consulting.


E-commerce Mobile Apps

Enhance the scalability of your e-commerce online stores with our feature-rich mobile app development service. Elevate the virtual shopping experience through captivating and responsive product catalog visuals, along with an intuitive layout for easy navigation. Embrace mobility and optimize your customer's experience with our mobile app.

Why Choose Us

As your trusted IT outsourcing partner,

we offer seamless software development, combining cutting-edge technology with a proven track record of delivering on time and within budget.

Robust Architecture

We adopt a pragmatic approach to e-commerce website design and development, ensuring a robust architecture that meets long-term business needs.

Proven Track Record

Our work speaks for itself. Our skilled team of e-commerce developers possesses strong technical expertise to deliver robust solutions.

Open Communication

At Aavitech, we foster effective communication between clients and e-commerce developers to create a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Progressive Roadmap

As a results-driven e-commerce development company, we thoroughly understand the intricacies of our clients' projects and provide tailored technology solutions.

Hire a Dedicated Team

Flawless Design

Elevate your digital journey with outstanding designs and pragmatic creativity. Enhance your online experience through remarkable designs and functional creativity. Uplift your digital interaction with extraordinary designs and useful creativity.

Effective Code

Skilfully harness appropriate frameworks and coding to fulfil your business's unique requirements. Efficiently employ suitable frameworks and programming to address your company's specific needs. Effectively utilize relevant frameworks.

Effortless Communication

Enjoy seamless communication with our developers for daily project updates. Benefit from smooth interaction with our developers for regular status reports. Have a trouble-free communication channel with our developers for daily progress updates.

Your partner in successful E-Commerce Development

We create seamless, robust e-commerce solutions to elevate your online business.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Aavitech provides a range of e-commerce development services tailored to clients of all sizes. Our services encompass B2B portal development, UI/UX design for apps, e-commerce consulting, mobile app development, and the creation of mobile marketplaces, among others.

As a reputed e-commerce website development company, we primarily utilize Magento and Shopify for our e-commerce web development projects. However, we are also flexible and can adapt to other open-source e-commerce development platforms based on the client's preference and specific requirements.

Feel free to go to our Portfolio section and have a look at some of the sites we built including multiple e-commerce sites. Visit our site under the portfolio section and you will be able to see just what we do and who we are. If you have any questions about any project, feel free to ask any of us.

Some of the reasons why a lot of global customers make Aavitech as their number one e-commerce development company include: The reason why we are a CMMi level 3 company specialized in custom mobile development services. This is so because we are equipped with various platforms like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Oxid among others. Since 2001, we’ve built over ninety e-commerce websites for clients from different fields. Moreover, we are also well-known for the development of over 40 Magento2 plugins available on the website.

• E-commerce is the process of conducting commercial transactions electronically, typically over the internet. It involves various steps: (1) Online Store Setup: Businesses create and set up their online stores or platforms where customers can browse and purchase products. (2) Product Display: The products or services are showcased with detailed descriptions, images, pricing, and other relevant information on the online store. (3) Shopping Cart: Customers can add products to their virtual shopping carts while browsing the online store. (4) Checkout Process: Customers proceed to the checkout page where they enter their shipping details, select payment methods, and review their order. (5) Payment Processing: Secure payment gateways are used to process payments, ensuring the confidentiality of customer financial information. (6) Order Fulfilment: Once the payment is confirmed, the business prepares and ships the ordered products to the customer's specified address. (7) Customer Support: E-commerce platforms often provide customer support channels, such as live chat, email, or phone, to assist customers with their inquiries or issues.

Finally, we have an all-inclusive mobile application developing services. We have the expertise in app development for iOS, Android and Hybrid platforms. We have a team of qualified mobile programmers who can build customer-oriented programs characterized by necessary features and a straightforward user interface for any matter, whether it concerns e-commerce or not.

It costs about $2500 to design and launch a basic e-commerce website. Nevertheless, the total price will mainly depend on particular customizations and functions that will have to be accommodated on the site.

Our team will assist you in entering all the products into the website once it is built. You can provide us with the necessary product details, such as images, names, descriptions, pricing, etc., in formats like Excel or CSV. Our e-commerce web developers will then upload and integrate them into the website programmatically.

Different payment gateway providers have varying fee structures for credit card transactions. The charges can vary based on factors such as the country, the volume of transactions, the type of business, and the specific payment gateway chosen. It is recommended to directly contact payment gateway providers to get accurate and up-to-date information on their fee schedules and any additional charges associated with credit card transactions.

Yes, e-commerce websites developed by us are designed to be responsive and compatible with various mobile devices and tablets, ensuring a seamless browsing and shopping experience for users on the go.