PHP is the unrivalled scripting language of the modern day web development. Its simplicity and power make it a powerful untyped programming language that is not only light on the server but also strong enough to handle all the necessary programming tasks you might throw at it. Our mastery of object oriented PHP is your key to the most impressive websites and web apps that are appealing to the eye, secure and functional.

Our PHP based web development solutions center on common CMS and frameworks like WordPress and Zend. Our ability to work with what you already know and respect means that we will deliver a highly adaptable solution that will keep growing and adapting to changing market demands long after we are gone.

With our custom solutions, you will get a complete system that you can manage and update without necessarily having to learn any programming or database management skills. This gives us the power to create unique and impressive solutions that are highly dynamic and appropriate for platforms that deal with real life information. Combine this with our in-house UX designers and you find your one stop solution to all your web app and website needs. At Aavitech, we believe in giving you more than unique. We believe in giving you unique that will awe, impress and convince your visitors into doing business with you.

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