Internet of Things (IoT) - A Next Generation Technology for Businesses

Internet of Things (IoT) is a strong medium to connect physical devices through the Internet and enable them to exchange data within a fraction of time. The objects include smartphones, vehicles, home appliances, wearable devices, gadgets and much more as well as human. Being a robust and scalable solution for enhancing the automation across diverse industries, the IoT is an amazing revelation for performing the activities without any effort. Before few years, it's impossible to connect two physical devices and exchanging data between them; but today, the Internet of Things has made it possible. To remain in the cut-throat business market, one can't ignore the power IoT applications and technologies.

Aavitech Solutions - Enhancing Businesses through Applying Proven IoT Technologies

Having years of experience in the IT field, Aavitech Solutions offers IoT App Development services that create a smart connection between machines, humans and processes to make tasks easier. We help organizations and giant enterprises building IoT solutions within the timely manner and offer a peace of mind. In short, We IoTize the solutions to deliver amazing, intelligence and higher performance. We aspire to develop internet of things applications to execute the activities in a very short time without any difficulty.

Equipped with a talented and technical team of IoT application Development experts, Aavitech Solutions is capable of building a feature-rich and the next generation IoT mobile app development services across the globe. Believing in agile methodology and state-of-art technologies, our intelligent IoT developers help you delivering out-of-box solutions that simplifying your business process and increase the growth rate.

Our Iconic IoT Services for All Sized Businesses and Homes:

  • Custom IoT App Development Services
  • IoT Consulting
  • IoT Gateway Development
  • IoT Implementation and Support
  • Hi-tech IoT Deliverables with Rich Architecture
  • Provide Seamless Connectivity with physical devices
  • App Security Services
  • Backend and API Development
  • Voice and Sensor Enabled Solutions
  • IoT Support and maintenance

Industry Based IoT Services:

Healthcare: Health & safety solutions - Modernize Patient Assistance - Remote Patient Monitoring

Automotive: Connected Vehicles - Fleet Management & Monitoring - Remote Vehicle Diagnostics

Retail: Smart Shelves - Retail Supply Chain - Warehouse Automation - Delivery Operations

Energy: Asset Performance Management - Energy Distribution - Smart Metering

Manufacturing: Connected Factory - Performance Optimization - Safety & Security

Why Us for Your Internet of Things (IoT) App Development partner?

  • 10+ years of experience in the IoT industry
  • Develop IoT apps beyond the client's expectation
  • Flexible hiring models for our potential clients
  • Bound to deliver the best solution that value your money
  • Strict NDA terms & 100% confidentiality

Among the leading IoT companies in India, Aavitech Solutions is a name to reckon when it's a matter of developing IoT apps for diverse domains. Get a quote for your next project; send your idea and requirements at [email protected] or Get in touch or let's discuss right now at (+91) 85 1135 1515.